How To Be A Successful YouTuber! SOLO Triple DNA Bomb (COD AW Facecam Commentary)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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22 thoughts on “How To Be A Successful YouTuber! SOLO Triple DNA Bomb (COD AW Facecam Commentary)

  1. Here's my advice:
    1. Do what you want with whatever you have w/ or w/out commentary
    2. Don't spam!
    3. Network with those you already know and form a group
    4. For editing you can claim trials for Sony Vegas 12 or 13 (Or search for torrent downloads) or Windows Movie Maker

    There is a whole lot more, but this is the basics

  2. Thanks for the tips, I should take these into consideration , I'm gotten a better mic, I don't really upload commentaries because I feel awkward talking to myself in front of my brother … I try my best, maybe check me out?

  3. Sup man, just like to say good points. With my channel I try to for full all those things you said, obviously it doesn't just happen and your an AMAAZING youtuber, it takes time. If you grind it out and you check your previous videos, you'll see your content gets better, trust. I'm making way better videos than I was last year December for example and urge anyone to take down what this guy is saying, some really good tips/points.

    Thanks again man, help me reach 500subs and ill punch my face in xD (Seriously i will…)

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