How To Completely ‘DOMINATE’ the map – ‘Solar!’ In Advanced Warfare!

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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33 thoughts on “How To Completely ‘DOMINATE’ the map – ‘Solar!’ In Advanced Warfare!

  1. I envy how easy you can get DNA bombs lol. I always seem to get put into games where my team is getting destroyed and we have no chance of winning. And I'm always getting shot in the back and spawn killed :I that's why I've been sticking to Search and Destroy because that's the only game mode I can play like the older games. My K.D is like a 1.11 which is abysmal but I feel like no matter how well I do it'll never go back up. But my K.D on Search is like a 1.82 or something significantly better. 

  2. Good video man and I would love to be apart of shout out saterday I put so much effort and grind for gameplays daily would just be awesome to be recognized for my hard work 🙂

  3. Thank god you said you didn't use red dot on the ak12. That's when you know you can't use any iron sight. I don't understand why people use red dots on everything I have the ability to use basically any iron sight such as the hbra3.

  4. 10 Facts About You:
    1) You’re reading this right now.
    2) You’ve realised it’s a very stupid thing.
    4) You haven’t realised I missed 3.
    5) You’re checking now.
    7) You’re smiling.
    8) You didn’t realise I missed 6.
    9) You feel stupid that you fell for it again.
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    11) You didn’t realise there’s less than 10 facts.
    Now I seriously think you’re stupid.

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