How to Easily Earn MDL Bloodthirsty Medals (Advanced Warfare) + How “Medal Challenges” Work

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

How do you get bloodthirsty medals with the MDL to earn your diamond and royalty camos, right? Easy methods & tips explained in this video.

I also talk about how all camo challenges that work with “medals” can be achieved in any way in Advanced Warfare, not necessarily using the weapon itself. This can, in many cases, help you easily earn Strafe medals, Skeet Shooter medals, Double Kill medals, Dog Fight medals, and most of all, Bloodthirsty medals.

I then attempt to apply this logic to the launcher camos, trying to answer how in the world you’re supposed to be able to shoot down UAVs, Warbirds, and Paladins with the MAAWS and the MAHEM launchers. Unfortunately, this trick can’t be applied, and those challenges aren’t going to be very accomplish-able until they are perhaps changed in a patch.

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21 thoughts on “How to Easily Earn MDL Bloodthirsty Medals (Advanced Warfare) + How “Medal Challenges” Work

  1. I got all 5 of my bloodthirsty medals in one momentum match. I didn't even use this method, I just used the mdl. what I did is plant my heavy shield, use exo stim with danger close and flak jacket, and I would spam the hell out of the flag. omg, 5-6 man killfeeds every location switch. it was orgasmic.

  2. +S0urPatchAdults I dunno if you watch +Drift0r 's videos or not, but you should DEFINATELY email or message this idea to him. He has this little group of like… game code kronies or something of the sort, and im sure this isnt on their to do list. But you could make it on their to do list, and he may even make a video for it eventually. Just an idea, because im actually eager to see the science behind this, and… he always does shoutouts for footage and ideas he takes, so it wouldnt be a waste of time for you if you showed him the idea. =) anyhow, I really like your videos. The commentary is priceless, and theyve helped me quite a hit. Thanks! =D

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