How to fix Battlefield 4 Not Starting/Launching

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If your joining server bar sits there forever and bf4 doesn’t launch all you have to do is go to Origin, Origin Tab, Application Settings, Update to Beta version when available. Yeah it is uncomfortable using Beta anything from EA but it works so why not.

Keyboard is the Apex SteelSeries
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38 thoughts on “How to fix Battlefield 4 Not Starting/Launching

  1. i bought bf3 today but cant start the game i keep getting aplication not found error on origin but when i try from battlelog says i dont have origin installed

  2. after about 2 years break i have problem with launching the game, the black screen of the game appears, the battlelog doesnt open, and i can see that there is only 1-2fps, that black screen (2:08) is lagging as shit and its loading forever, fuckin garbage…everything else works just fine

  3. The other fix for this is going into you C:/Documents/Battlefield 4/Setttings
    Then go into PROFSAVE_Profile open it with Wordpad or word pad and find

    Then change the other numbers that are actually there with this:

    GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 1
    GstRender.FullscreenMode 0
    GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 0.000000
    GstRender.FullscreenScreen 0

  4. hi i can't play btf 4 on my pc cuz when i choose an server and try to play nothing
    joining server …..
    and nothing hapend i use to play btf 4 but when i choose an server a list show in origin and i choose confirme or something like that but now us i told u before nothing hapend and origin just desapear from task bar and i can't open it again unless i restart my pc
    sorry for this mistakes i mean in grammer cuz um from iraq and this is not my laguage 😊 if u know haw to help plz help me plzzz

  5. Battlelog is the stupidest fucking thing ever. BF3, it started off shitty, then was passable, then they go ahead and fuck it up with BF4 somehow.

    I'm really getting sick and tired of video games like this. A bunch of "AAA" titles just shipped out with bugs galore, but who cares, faggot consumers will still buy it.

  6. I am having this problem, I marked the beta version thing, but when I restarted no download bar showed up. And the problem still there. I am using windows 10 and if I leave a second workspace opened, sometimes, the game runs there, but if I minimize it… I'll never be able to come back to the game

  7. i click join server and I don't even get the bar. Nothing happens. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired my game, gone on countless forums, and to no avail. I'm running win10 64 bit. Can anyone help?

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