Infinite Warfare: FREE 100,000 Salvage From Prototype Hack!!? – Crazy Quartermaster Glitch (COD IW)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

There’s a weird glitch going on in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare that is blessing a lot of players with 100,000 salvage which in return allows them to unlock every weapon in the quartermaster armory essentially for free. The way most people are getting this salvage glitch is by opening up the new prototype hack and also just any common or rare supply drop. I’m not sure if this salvage glitch is patched by now but keep on opening up the prototype hack and supply drops and find out also tell me if this happened to you in the comments & your thoughts! Don’t forget to drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more infinite warfare tips and tricks, news, and more


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47 thoughts on “Infinite Warfare: FREE 100,000 Salvage From Prototype Hack!!? – Crazy Quartermaster Glitch (COD IW)

  1. this happened to me. but i didnt get 100k. i got 70k. of course i bought all the epic weapons. but i cant use them in game. imma try it out again. if this does happen where i cant use them, then i will restart the game or delete it then re install

  2. As my dad tells me all the time when I go to the shooting range, "guns don't kill people-people do" so in this case it would be "the gun doesn't define skill, it's the player" so you don't get better from good weapons

  3. Guns are only as good as the player. I've been grinding for black sky, and most of the guns I use are stock or commons and I'm nearly always on the top of the leaderboards or in the top 3

  4. you know the fact that you explained what your video was about in the description makes very happy unlike the other cunts who just clickbate nun the less you earned +1 sub

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