INSANE PC – Battlefield 1 in 8K

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 in 8K on the Scan 3XS X99 Carbon Fluid Extreme SLI. 2 x Titan X Pascal in SLI and a 6950X processor Overclocked. Check out the PC here: Scan here: Thanks to SCAN for sponsoring this video! Leave a rating and a comment 🙂 Thumbnail Art:

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34 thoughts on “INSANE PC – Battlefield 1 in 8K

  1. Jesus….. if I had this! I could only imagine lol… I couldn’t even afford it in my damn dreams but if I could I’d definitely be streaming and making videos hahaha. It would be so fun to voice troll and make people laugh.

  2. Why ugly flex tubing? Why gpu's with no backplate? Why an ugly cheap case? Why a disk drive? Why is the hard drive visable? If your going to pay for an i9 and two titans in sli why skimp out on style on a half ass high end build with weak led lights, not forgetting those cheap fans

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