Is PUBG on Xbox One Good? (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)

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31 thoughts on “Is PUBG on Xbox One Good? (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)

  1. I am enjoying it… when the lag isn't too bad. I like the concept and can't wait for future updates to make it better. Crashing seems to be less now but the rubberbanding is really awful at times. Very addictive once you start getting those dinners though!

  2. My understanding is that heavy bass sounds traveling through your chest could actually disrupt the rhythm of your heart and lead to a dangerous arrhythmia. I've personally experienced this at a concert when I was young and had to move far away from the bass speaker before my heart returned to a normal rhythm. I would never use a device like this.

  3. They need to give PUBG to microsoft, while brenden greene directs it, cause people at Blue balls (PUBG corporation) ain't talented enough to optimise the game

  4. What’s crazy is as bad as this game needs improvement the player base is committed. Every time I log on to play games fill up instantly with 100 players. When this game gets all the wrinkles out it will be a bad ass game.

  5. Honestly don’t mind the frame drops, put in over 100 hours in AC unity so you get used to it. However the crashes every single match makes it unbearable to even play so I’ll most likely go back to it once the fix that problem

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