Killzone 3: Bilgarsk Map Multiplayer Tips

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Killer tips for surviving the metropolis Bilgarsk Map in the PlayStation 3 shooter Killzone 3. Learn some multiplayer strategy straight from the developers.

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46 thoughts on “Killzone 3: Bilgarsk Map Multiplayer Tips

  1. This game is brilliant for balancing. Some maps snipers shall dominate and others the close range will. Not like an assault rifle can cover short and long distance combat as was the case with the famas. Sniping is better on Kz3 because the cloak gives a much needed advantage yet it's not over-powered.

  2. This must be tips for dumbasses. I mean really.

    "You don't benefit your team by dying a lot."
    "Don't go out in the open."
    "Don't go out in the open."
    "Don't go out in the open."
    "Stay away from open areas."
    "You can hide behind walls."
    "The LMG can shoot real fast."

    WTF is this BS?

  3. @chaunceyest1
    Lol I love how actual xbox fanboys are still using the "ps3 haz no gaems" arguement even if it hasn't been valid for the past 2 years,


    I don't turn the PS3, it turns on afraid of me. I don't shoot, the bullets flee from me when I allow.

    I don't kill, the enemies have heart attacks when they see me. I don't die, I give the enemies a ilusion where the truth is that they are dieing.

    I don't use Machine guns, I'm already a Machine. I do not play, the gore starts by itself.

    I don't hold controllers, I control the game with a Move.

    I don't comment, Chuck Norris does it afraid of me.

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