MAK Do You Have Any Rivalries With Any Youtubers? Destiny Daily Heroic & Nightfall Gameplay!

Destiny 2

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31 thoughts on “MAK Do You Have Any Rivalries With Any Youtubers? Destiny Daily Heroic & Nightfall Gameplay!

  1. Finally another Youtuber that is real. Good video I'm sick of fakes for eg speedrunners who make themself amazing by using videos from there 200th attempt of doing it haha do it legit or not at all. Keep up the good content man.

  2. Never thought I'd buy a new car, still dreaming of a cherry first generation GTO, but got a 2014 Ford Fiesta hatchback with 5 speed manual last year for work because it was dirt cheap. Love the bluetooth connectivity, car runs great, goes forever of a tank of gas and GODDAMN you can corner so fucking hard in that little bastard. Still rather have the GTO but that dinky little white Fiesta never fails to put a grin on my face throwing it hard into a turn…

  3. While contemplating the future structure of the Borderlands series, I came up with an idea. After improving-or removing- the loot grieving mechanic, what if in Borderlands 3 Gearbox made the game 8 player instead of 4. The reason for this would be because of Borderlands 2 end game, and while it may sound difficulty to create 8 new vault hunters, I and many of my friends would be content if they brought back a few or all of the original and Borderlands 2 vault hunters. If they brought all back, players would be able to choose from a wider variety of playable characters; rather than the strict 4. I think that if Gearbox gave a choice between the original and the new vault hunters it would allow there to be more variety and possible cohesion between players and allow for a better experience. Your thoughts?

  4. Hey mak, just subscribed. Love your channel bro. But here's my question, and forgive me if it's too personal.

    You just bought your girlfriend a car, which is a pretty big deal. You ever think about getting married? I've been married about a year now. Best decision of my life.

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