Max Payne 3 Multiplayer | Tips & Tricks

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Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Gameplay | Tips for a better game! Here’s just some overall tips and suggestions. Some of you may know this stuff and some players may find it useful, Its kinda broad and not really a specific tutorial on GEAR or anything but should be cool.. Enjoy ;]

Anything else i can help with just drop a comment, also please leave me some feedback!


25 thoughts on “Max Payne 3 Multiplayer | Tips & Tricks

  1. had a blast playing this game since july 2012 when i bought my ps3 first time and ever since i have stuck to only this game playing the multiplayer, i have anohter 35 games by no wwhih my younger brother plays but i play only max payne all the time, it is the best multiplaye,r although with alot of glitches and errors and lag sometimes, but i still love it

  2. also, vampire fangs always, quick holseter always to reload and switch between guns faster, 3rd item i switch between pocketwatch or walkie talkie or sneakers, or listening devices in small maps, or field bandages, i wish people used semi autos more, i just hate peopel praying auto guns all the time with just no skill,

  3. hey man, lovely video right there, my favourite gun is mini30 aswell, it just gives a good feel an di generally like the semi auto weapons over autos, i still play almost everyday on ps3 multiplayer, a good tip is using the scope for UAR45 but shoot only in short burts, does tons of accurate damage , holds alot of ammo and very light weight if you want heavy armour or bomb suite,

  4. Yo! If you still play this game, I play on Xbox 360 Live as Nicks Mohawk. If you don't, this game is super cheap and is easily 1,000,000,000 hours worth of playtime. Anyway I play this shit all the time, the game is still healthy with people playing every day but it'd be cool to have more players. Have a crew too, the Turkish Club. The game is as fun as it looks in this video! I watched that whole thing

  5. if you play max payne 3 multiplayer on ps3 add me as a friend…i really miss the thing guys i need someone to play against. my account is ShadowzzGamer…make sure to send me a message that you saw this message on youtube in your friend request and that you have the game ill definetly add you then

  6. Hey. I am an active player MP3 multiplayer on ps3. I have played quiet well over the past few months, but now i am have made a new ID and use it multiplayer, cause i bought the DLC's. I almost always use UAR21 and have always kept walkie talkie tool. and i don't like to use armour, cause i want my avatar to look good. so no armour or balacalva or mask, goggles are fine. I want to know your opinion about the loadout that i use. which is better uar21, iar 2 or MPK . and whether i should use walkie talkie or not. i am not level 40 yet so i dont have sawn off.
    sorry for bad english.

  7. 1 tip i forgot to say last time… after a shoot dodge or if you been hit by an explosion and land somewhere, if u are close enough to a wall when u land don't move the movement joystick, wait until u are on the ground and just press the cover button to get up faster. You will go in cover really fast it's like 2x faster, I find it useful.

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