Monster Hunter World BEST WEAPONS TO USE – Light Weapons Breakdown

Destiny 2

Monster Hunter World BEST WEAPONS TO USE – Light Weapons Breakdown and Monster Hunter world guide. Welcome to my Monster Hunter World Best Weapons to use in the game and my complete Monster Hunter World light weapons breakdown and which weapons you should be using when playing the game. The game is very intense and going against the monster hunter world beast is a bit overwhelming but not if you have the right weapon to use when you are fighting the different monsters in the game. Follow my complete monster hunter world guide to help you become a better hunter in the game. Monster Hunter: World features 14 distinct weapon types, available to every hunter. Here are some fast-striking, lighter weapons for players who like to stay nimble during combat:

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11 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World BEST WEAPONS TO USE – Light Weapons Breakdown

  1. I find my bowgun very reliable, like if I set up the wyvern shot, I can deal massive damage, also I can deal damage from close to long range, but can someone tell me about the sniper gun thing? I like long range

  2. there are no ''best'' weapons in this game. everything is perfectly balanced and all weapons are equally strong.

    Now, overall, the video was great! just be careful on limiting new players with their choices, as there really isn't a ''best'' weapon

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