Nerd³ Plays… Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

An adventure into seeing how quiet I go when nauseated.

Game Link:

“Day of Chaos” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

End theme by the incredible Dan Bull:

All other music is in game music. It makes me want to vomit.

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39 thoughts on “Nerd³ Plays… Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  1. Oh no Call of Duty advanced Warfare 3 good I love it it's mostly more because I play set for Ghost yeah make sure you keep Glen California new update but don't try to buy it CeX I have it rip off I have the new b** I have the Neil mum has golden golden golden XL condoms yeah give me the normal case they gave me the normal this in a different case total s***

  2. Infinite Warfare is definitley not as bad as everyone says

    but this one….this one was awful. Especially the ending of the campaign. Most cliched ending ever

    "It was only just begining"

  3. I found a, possibly unintentional, reference to NerdCubed in the 'Intel' section of the campaign. The intel for 'Traffic' includes an image which looks exactly like the "N³" symbol from Dan's logo.

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