NEW Sniper Loadout Review Part 5 – Gameplay Build Test Hardcore – Best New Game

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Trying out the new sniper loadout by Per. He gave me a tip and now it’s time to put it to the test.

This video is my gameplay footage of loadout. Included in the video is my commentary and review of the gameplay as well as the ending of the game found on the pc version of the game. This game is available for PC on steam.

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Loadout is the fast-paced, free to play multiplayer shooter featuring over-the-top frenetic action, comedic violence, and Weaponcrafting with billions of combinations.
Create, Customize, Kill! is the Weaponcrafting slogan for a reason. Unleash your inner mad-scientist to craft guns for every map and situation. There are billions of combinations—what’s your Loadout?

Loadout is Free to Play, not Pay to Win. Playing Loadout earns Blutes, which can be used in the Tech Tree to unlock more weapon parts, payloads, and equipment. Spacebux are purchasable but optional, and spent in the Outfitter for character customization and cosmetics, never power.


Check out their site and get their awesome game.

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