Nightstalker PvP Build and Review (Keen Scout + Graviton Forfeit)

Destiny 2

Destiny PvP build review for the Nightstalker Hunter subclass in the Crucible.
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18 thoughts on “Nightstalker PvP Build and Review (Keen Scout + Graviton Forfeit)

  1. I would have waited until the upcoming patch that returned Quiver before making a Pvp build video on the Nightstalker. By no means am I questioning your suggestion for a Nightstalker build, as you're definitely a much better player than I am in Destiny. Its just IMO Quiver really alters how you can play this particular class. I enjoy your videos as I learn a lot from your content and this comment it solely my opinion and in no way is intended to be critical of your suggestions or experience.

  2. I couldn't agree more about the class requiring actual skill to use successfully, but I disagree with the Graviton "making" the class. I think it comes down to more of how you play. Love your gameplay videos if the Nightstalker though. You inspire me to make my own.

  3. The smokes with Sealed Ahamkara grasps work great. Sheesh with envenomed i do work in the crucible. Trials this week is fire base delphi and just imagine a room full of ppl and just shade stepping and cutting a path through them. So this week for all the night stalkers your loda out should be: Primary=Bad Juju/Nirwens Mercy/Ace of Spades/Red Death. Secondary= Conspiracy Theory/any high impact sniper/The Chaperone/side arms can work this week so Iron Wreath/Havoc Pigeon. Heavy= Rocket launchers are sure to be the favorite. Swords as well. Hope this helps someone out there.

  4. I didn't actually see you make much use of shadestep in this video at least, not that it isn't useful but if you were to get rid of graviton forfeit it might be worth it for knucklehead radar, it pairs well with keen scout

  5. I kinda think Shadowshot is sorta like a pseudo Nova Bomb you just have to work a little bit more for kills. Nightstalker has a really good neutral game with everything it offers like you said. When I look at the Sunbreaker tree there's nothing special just more talents for Hammer of Sol and that's all it has going for. As for Stormcaller lets just say it's a really well made subclass.

  6. I agree this classes super is underwhelming but I believe as a whole, this class more than makes up for it. Keen scout is an awesome perk to take advantage of, unfortunately I'm not good with shade step or else this class would be ever more useful for someone like me

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