People Online – Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

Battlefield 1

Today I will be talking about pedophiles aka PEDOTEENIS who hit on girls/gamers online who are 13 – 17 years on social media. When they turn 18 they want to met up and boom boom them. This generation is simply getting out of control….

Intro 0:00 – 1:06
What are PEDOTEENIES – 1:08 – 3:51
Teenagers 3:52 – 9:42
Red Flags you’re talking to PEDOTEENIE 9:42 – 11:22
PEDOTEENIES 11:22 – 13:08


Music Video from
I’m So CHILD PREDATOR Song by Onision

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14 thoughts on “People Online – Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

  1. Load of propaganda horse-shit. There are no more weirdos now than there were when I was a kid. The subject is just cheap clickbait shit. YES there ARE weirdos out there. But, the little there are get a lot of attention in the media, etc. I raised 2 daughters as a single Dad. The only people who were predators in their lives were the boys in their schools. When someone is raped or molested, 95% of the time, it is someone the victim knows or lives with. Gimme a break with this propaganda shit. You're just making men look bad with this nonsense.

  2. okay soooo if a "pedoteenie" likes a girl that is 15 he will try to fuck her when shes 15 cuz when shes 18 shes not a fucking teen anymore I don't get ur logic there gurl. If a "pedoteenie" wanted to fuck a 18 year old he would go for a prostitute u know much easier.

  3. I agree Stephanie 😉 Its a shame hahaha. a teenie and an old man is one of the most disgusting things I ever seen. They live such a sad life and talking crap to people. They act like children and lie about their age to connect to young people xD. PEDOTEENIES must be eliminated from society!!!

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