Perfect example of how to lag switch in Destiny

Destiny 2

I ran with KillJoy105 and he’s actually a cool dude. He’s also a damn good player. His internet just sucks. Figured out he’s not lag switching.



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30 thoughts on “Perfect example of how to lag switch in Destiny

  1. So I ran into KillJoy105 again tonight in Trials. We then partied up and ran a card together (flawless run) and it turns out he does not lagswitch, just has some REALLY bad internet spikes. He's super solid.

  2. Question people. I have bad internet at night and i was in a match and yes i was lagging so i left the game. This guy sent me a message saying i was lag switching and sayd he was reporting me. I think it was natural lag but idk.

  3. I hate cheaters man, if you can't compete in Trails don't play it, it's simple or play until you get better not using lag switch, Shame .. Reporting don't do shit I tried it much time, but nothing works .

  4. There is a difference between lagswitching and just regular lag, if I was lagswitching I would be running into a wall or standing still and you wouldn't be able to kill me no matter what you shot a me

  5. that bullshit you say they wont ban people. I had issue with verizon recently with internet connection problems. And bungie banned me from crucible when iron banner was fucking up and error code beaver popped up. Yes they do ban. It was bullshit get banned for natural lag and these cocksucker get to keep playing

  6. mill has these people gotten banned or nah because i was carrying my friend yesterday and this hunter was lagging tge whole game and i think he was lag switching to because we killed him by B side on buring shrine aka trials map this week and so when we killed him his team just gets a revied and his team was a storm caller so he couldnt of sel rez and it said the hunter name to when he rez him but we killed the hunter before we can even get his rez

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