PISTOL DNA BOMB! – “Crazy Boat Story” (COD AW Pistol DNA Bomb)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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24 thoughts on “PISTOL DNA BOMB! – “Crazy Boat Story” (COD AW Pistol DNA Bomb)

  1. How do you join DooM and I heard it was only sniper, unless that's a different doom. Just to make sure it isn't, is doom mercy the leader. If this is different I don't care. But please reply. Also. If there a certain age you need to be for this clan please tell me. Also again, I really want to know if you need to be a quickscoper or sniper.

  2. Every time somebody get a DNA bomb you should upload their stats as well so they can see if you reverse boosted or not I'm just saying don't take this personal

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