PS3 Call of Duty 4 Mod Menu|No Jailbreak Needed!|Voice Tutorial

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

A simple tutorial on how to get a working mod menu on Call of duty 4, without a jailbreak!
Sorry, for my unenthusiasm and the background noise, my laptop microphone is obviously terrible.
I said, that “I have already downloaded it.” Obviously I didn’t actually “download” it because I actually made it, so send me a message if the link has anything wrong with it, I haven’t tested it yet!


DOWNLOAD DZYN CODES New updated codes, Soon I will get bots to work! :

Notepad++ In case MP and CM files are unable to be opened):

Step 1:
Download The files, If they don’t work for some reason message me and I will help out.
Step 2: Copy the Call of Duty Saved Data, from your PS3 To a USB. (If you have never played the game before then there will not be any saved data. To fix this, just put your disc in go into the game, go into multiplayer, find an online match and then you can quit and you will have the saved data)
Step 3: Open up the Dzyn-.txt
Step 4: Open up GPAD0_CM from your USB and delete everything in it so it is blank! (Open it with notepad)
Step 5: From Dzyn-.txt copy everything underneath the CM Section and then paste it into the one on the USB. Now Save that, and quit it.
Step 6: Now do the exact same thing, except for the GPAD0_MP file, (remember to copy the bit that says MP)
Step 7: Once you have saved those, open up ICON0.PNG and just draw anything you like on it, doesn’t have to be over the top, just so that you can notice it! (This is an unimportant step) Save it then quit.
Step 8: Once you have done all that, put your USB back into your PS3, Go into saved data utility (PS3) and click on the USB device. There should be some saved data with the picture that you just drew all over. Hit triangle on that and select COPY. Just click YES on all of the prompts.
Step 9: Open up Cal of Duty 4, When you get to the main menu WAIT 20 SECONDS. Then click MULTIPLAYER, Then wait another 20 seconds, then click play online. If you scroll down to create a class your first class should be Dzyn- In colourful letters. If you are nit a high enough level to create a class just go into a private match and see if the menu works.
Play a private match before you go online!

Up on DPAD: Open Menu
Down on DPAD: Scroll through different Mods
SQUARE: Select Mod
CIRCLE: Exit the menu

NOTE* If there is NO writing displayed on screen but your screen is still blurry and grey it means that you are STILL in the mod menu, its just that the writing has faded away. So click circle to exit and your vision will go back to normal!

Hope this was easy to understand! message for help and all that, have FUN!

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  1. Could you possibly help me with this? I dont have a working pc so if i send you a flash drive could you add the files and then send it back? That or could you send me one that has the downloads?

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