Pyro Nerf?

Team Fortress 2

G’day all MrPaladin here.

Looking at the current changes to the pyro with the recent patch. Playing my favorite loadout of Degreaser, Scorch Shot and Powerjack over a few maps

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47 thoughts on “Pyro Nerf?

  1. Before anyone replies saying "Check the FAQ", I already did any could not find anything on it. I use your HUD because I like the look of it and after the most recent update, trying to queue for a game while using it crashes my game. How can you already have the HUD working only a few days after the update, but the HUD doesn't yet work for me?

  2. 10:00 "smaller cone I guess? I don't know that just felt different. I'm no pyro main."

    As a pyro main myself, maybe I can clarify a little bit for you. Airblast knockback did get a slight rework in Jungle Inferno. It's knockback effect on people now depends on how you aim at them and their momentum. Before it would knock them backwards and upwards regardless of circumstances, no questions asked. Now if you want to knock them into the air, you have to either aim up at an angle or down at their feet (similar to how soldier knocks people in the air with a rocket). Hitting them head on will only push them back slightly with little to no upward momentum.

    The medic you were also trying to hit also bounced off that rock, which altered his momentum and made the scorch shot just barely miss.

    So yeah, it's a bit different, you are not mistaking there.

  3. Y'know, being a pyro main and all, I expected a nerf. The community's been ranting over the jungle update, about 25% of the community already swore hatred on the pyro and say he deserves every nerf he gets, and well, he's called the no skill class by quite a few. but at this point I'm already so desensitized.

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