Random Team Fortress 2 Creaturing w/ Kootra Ep. 97

Team Fortress 2

TF2 Playlist:

I decided to make a series that is me generally playing TF2 here and there. These will all be in sequence, but will not always be the same play sessions meow.

37 thoughts on “Random Team Fortress 2 Creaturing w/ Kootra Ep. 97

  1. I miss my tf2 acc already T^T by watching this reminds me of my hacked acc 🙁 @=PB=Epicness And beware guys if a guy gives you hack dont download it it will steal your steam acc thats how i lost my steam acc T^T

  2. Say if i'm using the ambassador it will take me a shot in your head and a bodyshot to kill you from full HP, you're standing still while i'm aiming. OR 3 shots from a stock revolver. they have 6. Plenty of bullets to deal with razorbacks.

  3. Kootra update on 2 new weapons vacinator makes you resist the type of attack the medic chooses (fire,bullet,explosive) and the uber is a 75 percent resist and the medic gets healed by resisted damage a bit and the red tape recorder a new sapper for the spy downgrades engineers buildings all the way back to lvl 1 and then deconstructs them

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