Revealed: Blizz Wanted To Charge Us For Overwatch Characters

Destiny 2

Laymen are here to chat about Overwatch League and the new skins that are not in lootboxes?!?!?!

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24 thoughts on “Revealed: Blizz Wanted To Charge Us For Overwatch Characters

  1. EX-PAN-SIONS. They dont HAVE to chase that shark card money, a yearly expansion would cover it, toss in a couple of side dlcs or something, thats always an option guys. It worked for everyone back in the day. Make the content worth it, and people will buy it. I'd rather companies focus on content and new ideas, expanding products, instead of just skins.

  2. I think the reason I'm not so compelled to by certain skins is because I can easily tell it's just a reskin of the original thing. League of Legends is probably the only game from all the games I have played that did skins/customization well, some of them actually have different particle effects or better yet personalities.

    You know that transactions are done right when you want to buy them over the idea of that you need to buy them.

  3. So I remember this very clearly. The game was supposed to be free to play and you’d earn the heroes like in LoL… but then Blizzard said that the game wouldn’t work as an experience if all the champions were not available to players, so then they changed it to a $60 game with all heroes available to players.

  4. Somehow i was unsubbed (now subbed again), and yet no matter what channel i was watching laymen gaming vids and logo's were posted at the end of every video, on top of those channels vids. Im on to your plan of world domination gentlemen!

  5. Or how about make the game free to play so that people actually have an excuse to pay for the skins..

    pay the full price for the game and expect gamers to buy skins and other shit doesn't work like that, the compromise is unfair especially if you paid a full price for the game.
    If the game had expansion packs for a good price with the amount of content worth the price, then gamers won't complain about it..

    Lets not talk about Lootboxes, you guys should know better..

    In short, if the amount of content is worth the price, you have something going for it, but otherwise fuck off..


    They are not JUST cosmetic. In lieu of any other form of progression Overwatch's skins are an INTEGRAL part of the game.

    And I see Activision and Blizzard as a single mass of greed-corrupted flesh. One and the same. All this "Activision wanted to charge but Blizzard didn't" are just excuses. Just as every other /Jim Sterling impression "Tweeple Ehhhhh" apologist's hollow defenses. This giant company doesn't need you to defend its honor. It's got a PR department over and above those who swallow their pleas of poverty and patronizing tone that always insinuates that somehow the "entitled gamers" are the big bad meanies for kicking up a stink about their shady business practices.

    And yes I am still mad at how they handled D3. Bite me.

  7. Slippery slope guys, say it's oke and you will see publishers abusing the shit out of it in no time.

    If OW changed their entire unlockable system to be like this, then sure, i'd prefer it.
    However they are still making truckloads of cash on lootbox sales and new players.

    I also hate the fact that we as players have to pay for their OW e-sports teams,
    i don't give a ** about OWL, just like most OW players, we just want to play.

    And Blizzard doesnt need to do this to make a profit, e-sports is already very profitable
    There are sponsorship deals that have supported e-sports in the past.
    There is the exclusive broadcasting deals

    And while it "supports the teams" 50% of it goes right into Blizard's pockets, just like they do with charity, buy this pet for Make A Wish (Warcraft) and for some reason we feel morally oke/just with taking half of it.

    On top of that, these are probably only available for a limited time, and if you want to get them all you are looking at around 1200$.

    That last point sounds like i'm talking about the big Destiny 2 The Dawning event controversy, yet not a peep when it comes from this game.
    Where is the rage? Or is it true that OW players will gladly take any shit good guy Blizz throws at them?

    Like you say, nothing against companies making money, but there are better ways.

    Imagine a subscription that offers you a few perks, like 20% increased XP gain, being able to swap skins during a match and early access to any lore material.
    (I don't look for lore in OW, but friends keep talking about it, so i assume it's there)

    Anyways, if priced right it should be more then enough, together with game sales to keep OW profitable.

    Or how about the 1.5 Billion that OW has already made, and just set some of it aside for 10 years of upkeep?

    For those unfamiliar with the cost of a game, a game usually costs 50-100 million to make, and an MMO like WoW used to cost 50 mil a year to operate at it's peak. (so 500 mil for 10 years)

    In other words, OW has already made almost a billion $ after deducting all costs for the first 10 years.

    Oke, i'm done now….

    Oh, wait, no, these skins are the laziest skins i have ever seen, moving a slider around and copy-pasting a logo and asking 5$…
    If you don't want to invest time and effort yourself, let the community make some bad ass skins and sell those…

    /end rant

  8. same shit as destiny 2 eververse , there are huge amount people play ow for farming lootboxes event skins if you change it it you will live same shit as bungie .This is a huge mistake , hope they wont do thay .About me ; i only play placements and arcade mode for farming event skins .If they do that i dont even play game , sad but true.Disliked because you are ok for this change.

  9. Maybe because their cosmetics and customisation options are shitty. Why would you waste your money buying regular loot boxes when the only decent skins comes from events, while normal ones have nothing good

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