Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory – New Assault Rifle? | Battlefield 1 Carbine Gameplay

Battlefield 1

Hey guys, today we’re going to check out the new “assault rifle” of BF1. This thing is available for the assault class in the CTE.

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Sjogren Intertial:
Ribeyrolles 1918:
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40 thoughts on “Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory – New Assault Rifle? | Battlefield 1 Carbine Gameplay

  1. The MP-18 headshot part of the assignment was WAY easier for me personally lol. As I'm pretty sure that it's not headshot KILLS but just headshots in general. I noticed the assignment was progressing even when I wasn't getting headshot kills, but was getting plenty of headshot markers.

  2. For my playstyle the Ribeyrolles is the second best gun in the game(close second to the Parabellum), I honestly believe it's too overpowered. But I'm glad other people suck with it so it won't ever get nerfed, and I can just dominate with this weapon.

  3. This is the gun I've been waiting for and I can't wait to use it. I like going against armored, but I also don't run around in the trenches that much. Setting up my bipod with a little run and gunning is exactly what I want to do. We'll see how this gun goes

  4. let me teach you how to own a game with this gun,first dont shoot while moving,only go full auto when like 5 to 8 meters after that you gotta burst fire like 6 to 4 rounds then get the enemy on sight and repeat it,for medium range go prone or either put the bipod on to something,that gun owns just knoe how to use it precisely

  5. I am annoyed that a single bullet from a rifle won't kill in the chest. Back then they didn't have a bullet proof vest. I use the infantry variants some times and I think to myself what the actually heck. I hit him in the heart and he doesn't die. I shoot guns in real life and if you are hit in center mass with a rifle round at close or longish range like the ones in this game your dead. Or at least you are going to be on the ground and slowly die. But there is no chance after being shot one anywhere really except like a finger or toe that you can just have the energy to get hood accurate shots and kill me.

  6. "you just can't maintain the accuracy"….

    Fire 5 rounds, release the trigger, get the sights back on target, fire 5 rounds….. Perfect accuracy. Just holding down the trigger tends to get bad results not just because of the accuracy drop but because people tend to move while the shooter has a hard time tracking through all the flash and smoke. Controlling everything winds up with usually much better results. Honestly the Ribroyalles is the only assault weapon I can consistently get a headshot kill with, which is done using the afore mentioned strategy.

  7. I play Conquest on Xbox and this weapon is absolutely amazing. The bipod is what gives it powerful accuracy and control you'll never want to shoot it standing up again unless you want to. For those that like to play BF1 running around like you're smoking crack are easy pickings for those that set up the best angles with this gun in the prone. Defense and offense this gun is king since you also have that AT as your secondary. The medium to longer range accuracy and control for this gun is also great even on moving targets when you lead them correctly. The bipod is what gives you so much range accuracy and control compared to an mp18 or automatico. With a stealthier play style theres no beating this gun.

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