Skyforge – Event or Credit

Team Fortress 2

Taking a look at whether you should do the events or just take the credits in skyforge be aware that the drops are as far are I am aware random & my opinion is based upon taking part in many of the events

8 thoughts on “Skyforge – Event or Credit

  1. I REALLY wish I had run into your video BEFORE I blew my Argents doing 10x acceleration… I got nowhere near as far as you did and spent 4 times the Argents… You've got a permanent sub from me man. I look forward to even more informative videos from you 🙂

  2. They must really be trying to get money out of people on ps4 because there isn't a choice between argents and stimulants to accelerate the event, the stimulants always supersedes the argents. You got a 50 boost on your event, as far as I've seen the highest event boost on ps4 is 10, I could be wrong on that though.

  3. so now i completed the season 1 gravedigger and i thought that i could make divine form but turns out that i have to do provinces in all cases .. what the hell ? so a huge note they made the game easier but they killed the theatrics

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