Star Wars Battlefront II – Quick Aiming Tips and Settings For Beginners – Part 1 (PS4 Pro)

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I wanted to show you a couple of options that I found to greatly increase my aiming feel. I found the games aiming to be sluggish, but with a few tweaks I was able to bring it in line with other shooter like COD and Overwatch. There’s also some poorly placed reticle options that I show to maximize your aiming visibility and contrast.

**Check out my follow up video with intermediate techniques**

50 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront II – Quick Aiming Tips and Settings For Beginners – Part 1 (PS4 Pro)

  1. Couldn't agree more – aim assist is terrible in this game, it completely screws with your ability to track targets, especially moving targets. Even when it is turned off, there is still some aim assist that will drag your cross hairs off your target if another target crosses between you and the target you are aiming at. Unfortunately we can't turn that off. At least it is the lesser of the two evils.

    Good tip on crosshair color also. I had changed mine to purple and it is noticeably easier to pick up on some maps.

  2. im gonna try this, coz this is my first PS4 shooter.. i downloaded the division, i cant belieive how i suck there at aiming.. really a big difference with console and PC..

    more power to you.. wishing you more subs.. i’ll get back to you after experiencing the set up

  3. You're goddamn right, the dragging is so heavy on this game. I recommend you to play on third person, I also play a lot of other shooter games and I know it may be a bit hard to get used to. But the risk really worth it. You can see a lot more on third person, specially you can keep an eye on targets while being on cover. Good night 🙂

  4. What you said makes absolute sense. I will give it a try as I have noticed the dragging feeling you mention. By the way with those cans on you look like Lobot…. just saying :o)

  5. Thanks for putting this together. really helped a lot! First time player to multiplayer. More often than not I find myself now towards the middle of the pack as opposed to down at the bottom where I was getting 2-3 kills. Had so much trouble trying to identify an ideal SSens and Deadzone. Definitely a learning curve, still die way more than I probably should, at least i get more kills lol

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