Submarines! :: Battlefield 1942 FHSW Mod [Multiplayer]

Battlefield 1

I did not make this video. I got it from there: (requires ‘Nico Nico Douga’-account)

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Game: Battlefield 1942
Mod: Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon
Map: Arctic Convoy

How to get this mod?

13 thoughts on “Submarines! :: Battlefield 1942 FHSW Mod [Multiplayer]

  1. The S&T pack only works for FHSW, but there are probably other ones out there for FH as well. For FHSW click on the second link in the description, go to "Tutorials" and pick the 5th link there.

    I haven't seen a map or mod yet which has proper bot support for naval units, so I don't think it's possible with the BF1942 AI.

  2. Would you kindly inform us where to get that sound & texture pack you mentioned ? (Oh and will it work with FH 0.7 ?)
    PS: Is there an SP/Co-op map that offers large-scale naval battle with battleships, cruisers, etc.

  3. @DerBabynatorxD
    What kind of tutorial? How to install FHSW? Go to my channel and click on the link "Installation guide for FHSW". There you'll find everything you need.

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