Team Fortress 2 Live with Mowa #99999999999999999 Kills RANK#1st

Team Fortress 2

Welcome to my channel-

Cool music-

Congratulations to Super Jonny98 follow – He is our giveaway winner-

Lawnmower Clans-

Captain Vanilla-

TF2 when directed my Michael Bay-

New Rules-

1.Please do not gift me items. I know you guys want the best for me but i feel kinda guilty for taking your items- Me feel no good- I hope you’ll understand- But I do appreciate your kindness. You guys being in my stream is more than anything that I would be needing in my life :)- Thanks

2. Please do not send me music links or any other – My videos are getting copyright strikes- Again I know you guys want to share your side but we will in a very complicated place- 🙁


PC SPECS- Lenovo Y50
Processor- Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU with 2.5GHz
RAM 12 GB 64bit
Windows 10

My Music Composition-

Thanks #Alejo for awesome handgun
Thanks #Fuggy for tf2 items
Thank #Hat for aweome minigun
Thank #Apexamn for the awesome spy knife- I’ve finally got it-

Please join the Lawnmowerfamily by subscribing my channel-

No More Friend request please!!!!! Thank you

I’ll be playing casual payload mode almost 99% of the time, unless if I’m somehow transferred to another mode- I’ve tried community servers and I didn’t like it. Esp adds on the sever is a no no to me and it’s laggy-

Also, I’ve noticed that when I’m in a party mode with friends, I be lagging so please do not mind me going solo-

Happy New Year – Best Wishes to you-



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