Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine – Wave 666! (Gameplay & Commentary, Part 2)

Team Fortress 2

Today, Masamushia shows you the new Mann Vs Machine mode, Wave 666! The Zombie apocalypse is here! We must bunker up and slay them up in this wicked Halloween.
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In this latest Halloween update (2012), there’s another Mann Vs Machine mode, and boy is it challenging! It’s an endurance level, so there are no checkpoints. You lose right at the end? Bummer, you get to start over from the top. There is no room for carrying your teammates, everyone has to pull their weight. The waves are pretty crazy and their numbers are very high. You start off with 4,000 credits for upgrades, use them wisely! Do remember that canteen effects and resistances are your best friend, they are a critical point to your success, buy them!

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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23 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine – Wave 666! (Gameplay & Commentary, Part 2)

  1. you can reset coaltown map to 666 level or in search for servers type in 666 or mvm and you will find it there. actually you can find 10s of other mvm maps

  2. Hahha i beated at first time when i tryed and i think for you is also pretty good cuz i know 97 spys attack and start backstabbing its the difficultest part this is why my team geted some small problems but cool gameplay!

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