Team Fortress 2: Spy gameplay

Team Fortress 2

A Spy’s job is never done… untill everyone’s dead that is.

38 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2: Spy gameplay

  1. @sealkitty00 no, the other team sees a disguised spy as the class he is disguised as, so if an enemy spy is disguised as a soldier you actually see a friendly soldier running around and the gamertag is also changed to a tag from someone in the other team.

  2. @ZuValvesWaMpY When in a replay press space to go into editor. then check the bottom-right of your screen, you wil seel three icons, click the one in the middle.

  3. Hey guys, this is my first video in Team Fortress 2, I would really appreciate if you guys check it out and put a like on it. It's only 12 seconds because it's a fail video. Thanks! /watch?v=rQXEMs8HGt0

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