[Team Sl34z0r] Team Fortress 2 Private Multi Hack – VAC 2 Undetected!

Team Fortress 2



Extract everything into your steam folder, run the RUN.bat, start the game.

Insert for Menu
Up / MWHEELUP – Menu up
Down / MWHEELDOWN – Menu Down
Left / Mouse 1 – Increase value
Right / Mouse 2 – Decrease value

Once the cheat has injected, the main menu screen may studder, this is normal
as the cheat is being loaded into memory. You will successfully know when the cheat
is ready when a message posts to your console. If no message was posted, check your
keyboard settings to verify “Enable Developer Console” is ticked under Advanced.


//Settings Information:

Aimbot – Turn On / Off
Aim Key – Mouse 1 – 3
Aim FOV – Field of View for aimbot
Auto Aim – Automatically aim for you
Aim Mode – FOV = 0, Distance = 1
Aim Team – 0 = Enemies, 1 = Friendly
Prediction – Latency based
Draw Spot – Draws the current aim spot
Const Crits – Works with some weapons, buggy
Smooth Aim – Make your aiming seem more legit
Trigger Bot – When you mouse over an opponent, itll fire
Speed Key – Mouse 1 – 3
Speed Mode – No Attack speed / Attack Speed

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