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TF2: Top 10 Best & Worst Maps [Part 2] –

Discussing the current state of the channel and the future…


  1. You don't deserve this Ace i hope that your channel can recover from this and that you can start making the videos that you really want to make. All of your loyal subs will always watch your videos no matter what!

  2. This is just bad. I dont care youtube has a learning AI. It isnt learning correctly. In my opinion, the system needs a major rework. Youtube was supposed to be a PG-13 site, thats why you have to say youre at least 13 to actually make an account from what I remember. The system doesnt make sense, if its was at least originally intended to be PG-13 then we should be able to see violence. We should be able to see a gun in a video without it being demontized.
    Tl;dr: Get your shit together Youtube.

  3. no offense dude, but everyone has this problem, you are not special
    most youtubers do youtube for fun, you just want money and if you dont get it you get a stroke
    get a job, its not hard as a white male 🙂

  4. YouTube, just fix your shit already… Please. I feel so bad for you, Ace, and I just hope this bot get's fixed, or destroyed soon.. This, is another example of reasons I wish I was rich. So when people are dealing with things like this, I can afford to help out. That's my dream.

  5. I'm sorry Ace. You're always getting shafted by YouTube, and it's so goddamm unfair. I'm not like an avid follower of your videos, but they're high quality and are always entertaining. That's speaking or just your TF2 videos though, I literally haven't seen any other videos of your channel. And I'm sorry about that. Stay strong, and I really hope you don't have to quit, and that YouTube sorts their shit out.

  6. I recommend doing what RadicalSoda does. Get the video demonetized before you even list the video (uploaded but not listed, aka before anyone can see it), then remove the bad tags that got it demonetized and file for manual review (also, file literally every video for manual review. Literally every single video). After the video is manually approved, list the video and it'll be fine (hopefully, sometimes even after a manual review they are retagged by the bot, at that point resubmit it for manual review).

    I will update this with a link the RadicalSoda's video in which he talks about his process, sadly I'm probably not going to be able to get the timestamp as I'm on mobile. Note: RadicalSoda does a lot of this in a comedic fashion, so it's not going to be a straight-to-the-point video.

  7. I have a serous question. What about brand deals? you have the subscriber count to do it; and anyone I've spoken too say that pay more then ad revenue does..?
    I dont know.. I'd just hate to see the channel die..-

    If im honest, a lot of whats happening to you, is whats stopped me from even getting started..; starting in youtube is fucked.. but I feel like there is some hope.. it may not be obvious, but there must be something that can be done, like third party brand deals or something.. and you could announce videos through a discord server if youtube is being that much of a punk to announce to subscribers.. I dont know man;

    For what its worth; I hope things turn around for you.
    You don't have to apologize, none of this is your fault..–
    –Thanks for ruining another perfectly good thing, youtube….

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