(TF2) Meet Dapper Stars Six Feet Under

Team Fortress 2

Once again showcasing the moments in Dapper Stars Freak Fortress 2. With a bunch of new things, even though, the footages are old, but if you go to the server, lots of new things will be seen by yourself.

Read the rules before you join Dapper Stars:
Where you can find the server (We also have a Freak Fortress 2 server if you like some battle, with custom bosses, check it out!)

Music used:
Metal Slug X – Metamorphosis

Intro song: 60 Seconds – Fallout Shelter
Outro song: Megaman X2 Opening Theme

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Steam Group:

— Waails.

23 thoughts on “(TF2) Meet Dapper Stars Six Feet Under

  1. I don't know what's funnier, the antics in the heat of battle or your reactions to them. you're so spontaneous on it. i can't help but laugh out loudly XD. Also you're pretty clever with the video names. Thumbs up mate. ^^

  2. Dapper Stars banned me for no reason when I join.

    Well I say no reason. But here's what happened.

    -Admin wanted to buy my Practitioner's Processing Mask.
    -I said no.
    -I'm hit with ban hammer.

  3. I want to tell u a secret remember im scared and spookys jump scare mansian theres a secret in spookys manchin of the white face i dont no if its real thou

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