TF2: Moving On (From Jungle Inferno) [Live Commentary]

Team Fortress 2

Jungle Inferno is dead (to me). Long live playing regular TF2 again!

Playing whatever map I feel like (Frontier), with whatever class I feel like (Sniper, Scout), doing whatever I feel like (play the game normally). FeelsGoodMan!

I love feedback, good and bad, so please let me know what you think!

Intro/outro music: KD Knows My Name – Naive

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49 thoughts on “TF2: Moving On (From Jungle Inferno) [Live Commentary]

  1. How do you guys feel about a video like this where I don't do anything particular, just play whatever, wherever and talk about my thought process or what comes to mind? Let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular down below!

    I've currently got 3 videos I'm nearly ready to release:
    – A fan suggested load out series
    – A high quality™ TF2 facts video
    – A review on a Nintendo Switch game (in a similar style to The Good, The Bad, And The Yeti)

    Hope those ideas excite you and please don't be afraid to share what sort of content you'd prefer to see from me in the future 🙂

  2. For once, I’m glad to see a classic TF2 YouTuber not covered in unusual and Australium everything. Not that that’s inherently bad, but at least this guy is quite the relatable player. Glad I found your vids, man. 🙂

  3. 9:52 "And I win, because Pyro is fucked right now."
    Actually, I'm quite convinced that, since Smissmass, the Pyro flames have been silently fixed. The instakill is gone, it's the old Pyro damage again.
    You only did 46 damage to that Pyro that died.

  4. Wait, you completed the damn campaign? Jesus Christ are you a wizard or something? I'm literally on the worst part of it!

    I gotta defend the objective on these following maps:

    – Hightower: Nobody caps that darn point, or your team is full of defenses that makes it nearly impossible for the enemy team to go through.

    – Mossrock: Runs like sh*t on my $1,200 gaming laptop (don't ask me why I bought it) and either the point is instantly capped because BLU team is full of medics and power classes, or there are 3 sentry guns ready to do the job for you.

    – Lazarus: Runs EVEN WORSE than Mossrock EVEN WITH A CFG, and the situation is similar to Mossrock.

    AND REMEMBER: These maps are barely played on Casual, so this means that queue times are very long, meaning that my chances of completing them are MINIMAL.

    Thankfully, today is my birthday and I'm going to get something very special for me at the end of this month :D.

    So, since you completed the ConTracker, what strategies you used to do them Casperr? I play Demo and wait the cart to be moved or the control point to be captured. But even doing this it is still a hassle to make them. I'm planning on calling a friend to start farming…

  5. I wish there was more to do after Jungle Inferno since I’ve fully completed my ConTracker like if they added Smissmas Contracts which sadly didn’t happen.

    Now we have to wait until the Heavy Update comes out, which might take a while since it could take the same amount of time as Jungle Inferno did.

  6. I still have a couple of map contratcs left as well as mercenary world & the hot hand

    on top of that the fucking "just disable vac" bots are really not making it easy

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