TF2 – PYROMANIA DOOMSDAY! NEW GAME MODE! Monkeynautics (Team Fortress 2 Gameplay)

Team Fortress 2

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36 thoughts on “TF2 – PYROMANIA DOOMSDAY! NEW GAME MODE! Monkeynautics (Team Fortress 2 Gameplay)

  1. So, it has nothing to do with the video, or the comment, this is why i don't comment in youtube videos, people sending replies when no ones cares about them anymore (i mean, it has been a week already).
    Also, did people really think they would reveal pyro's identity? that's what makes "him" different and awesome, as you said, secrets can never be revealed, same as pyro's identity.

    Also, saying pyro's identity was not going to be revealed, is just a simple guess, because it was obvious.

  2. It was never a lie…I won't say if they showed it to me before releasing it or not…And I can't say if his friend was shown MTP either…Secrets can never be revealed…

  3. i believe him, lots of people go on trips to valve and see sht that no one else sees. my friend's brother went to valves place and knew that MTP was coming out this month, he went on that trip 4 months ago.

  4. nope his comment came 2 days ago and he wasnt lying some others had a tour and they showed mtp.He called it that they did not reveal his identity

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