TF2 Servers in Australia part 2

Team Fortress 2

More dumb ranting but with a cold this time. Welcome to Australia.

17 thoughts on “TF2 Servers in Australia part 2

  1. U.K servers are plauged with minecraft and orange server's. Also EU servers are full of salty comp wannabes considering most of them come from CS:GO. It'll be rare to get a decent game without friends. Also the only maps that are played moving Halloween maps aside are frontier and turbine.

    Dubai servers are full of rich kids with a game sense of an F2P which is no surprise to what so ever.

    East U.S servers are alright but they're fairly laggy for me as I'm from the U.K though you'll get the odd one or two EU players who think they're hot stuff.

    West U.S servers are unplayable for me.

    I played a sydney server once. Timed out after a few minutes.

    Overall If I had an option I'd play on U.S community servers as they mostly play stock maps and they're not as salty as some EU players…

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