The Story of Battlefield 1 – (2016-2018)

Battlefield 1

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Reveal and Build up – 01:36
Launch – 05:58
They Shall Not Pass – 09:19
Spring Update – 12:33
Incursions and Revolution – 16:56
In The Name of Tsar – 23:29
October and November Update – 28:01
Turning Tides – 30:08
Apocalypse – 34:00
Reflections – 38:45

Be sure to share your stories with Battlefield 1 in the comments and with Battlefield 2018 approaching what do you personally want to see come along to move this franchise forward?

7 thoughts on “The Story of Battlefield 1 – (2016-2018)

  1. Wow Jordan this was a great video very well done. It has been an amazing journey and I have met some great people who i now call friends. Whether it's the beaches of Normandy or the Ho Chi Minh trail man im ready for the next great adventure with you man. Great video keep up the good work .

  2. I haven't completely finished this video yesterday until now and it puts a HUGE smile on my face knowing that this game had been a great journey to bump into community friends like you Jordan the video was well put together dude, and I can't wait for the next Battlefield game, just hoping that EA & DICE won't screw up on this one. And I'm actually trying to make Battlefield 1 great again by creating videos of what the actual war might've looked like in certain maps that the game has. It's good to have you back!

    – Evan

  3. Wow! I enjoyed this so much Scott. It was so well put together. I have a lot of happy memories from this game even though it made me rage at times. Let's hope Dice have learnt from their mistakes & the next Battlefeild will hopefully be the game we really love & deserve. 👍

  4. Great video brother!! Very nostalgic for me, this game took me on a journey that saw a channel launched and friends made. My story has ended and with it this game. I have moved on and have new adventures planned for my channel. Its a privilege and an honor to have grown with this game and see our channels grow. Your channel is superb, the evolution is trully stunning. See you on another battlefield my friend

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