There’s a MASSIVE COD WW2 Update Coming… Here’s What To Know

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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47 thoughts on “There’s a MASSIVE COD WW2 Update Coming… Here’s What To Know

  1. Id like to see some more character customization brought to the table. Ghosts did a good job with unlock able heads for certain achievements. The helmets are poor. ZERO individuality.

  2. Nerding and buffing guns is fucking stupid. If the Bar or STG fucks you up, then play different. This kids are mad they get quickscoped or shottied yet do nothing to change their play, they just cry for the game to fit what they want. When im getting shottied, i dont go running around in confined spots. If im getting sniped, i dont run in the open. Simple stuff.

  3. I just really hope they add a little more in the way of factions. Currently, there is American, Canadian, French, German (aka Nazi German but they can't say that because of Germany's laws against using Nazi insignia hence "Axis") and British. But where is Italy or Italian Axis forces? What about Australian Allied forces? I get why there's no relation to Soviets vs German or American vs Japanese because that's what World at War was about but still. Also, make Carentan available for everyone.

  4. I really hope they fix the fg, not with a power buff nessarly, personally i think if they would increase the fire rate a tad, it would make it a more balanced ar. For the m1 grand, I think its fine as is. Its not op in my opinion maybe they could reduce the recoil a bit. As for the stg, i agree. I think it would benefit from being buffed by -1 shot or -2. Its just not as good as the waw version.

  5. i hope they fix the damn zombies co op i try to play with friends in a lan party or just my son and me will try to play it in custom game or online and sometimes it happens in a few minutes or in an hour but it always happens it disconnects with error saying it could not read commands wtf is that all about anyone know?

  6. The kick for team killing should be put back as a time ban in game as you can accidentally kill teammates with score streaks in hardcore (a 20 second ban leading to a 1 minute ban and then finally getting kicked from the game) Please!

  7. Lol bunch of crybabies getting what they wanted. Also cod is a childs game.. as you all get those updates and all just shows how much incomplete the game was on released… What the fuck did they do in the beta? Nothing at all? Lame game!

  8. How about they not touch the M1 Garand because it is the only competitive semi-auto in the game (have over 1500 kills with it and I lose up close gunfights with it more times than not), show a little love to the double barrel shotguns that only get hit markers outside of hardcore, and fix the glitch where I’m stuck spectating for the first 15-20 seconds of a game?

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