Tribes Vengeance playing in host 2016 / super bots

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Get bot maps from here

to get bots for the bot maps you have to

1- download BaseBotsSTS.pkg

without the BaseBotsSTS.pkg you won’t find bots in the bot maps.

2- download the BaseBots.pkg

Put the pkg files like BaseBots.pkg in classes folder and put the tvm files in maps folder and put the mopp files in HavokData folder. where to find those 3 folders “Maps folder and Classes folder HavokData folder”? Go to VUGames folder then click on Tribes Vengeance folder then click on Content.

, when you join bot map you will find that the bots are too strong and have actions and have the strongest aimbot and their health is [1] . with the BaseBots.pkg you can modify the bots you can put for them characters or sounds or weapons or packs or skins you can even make them stronger and change their health , to open it you have to open TVed.exe you will find it in bin folder , Tribes Vengeance folder/VUGames folder / Tribes Vengeance folder / Program folder / bin folder , after you open TVed.exe open basebots and modify the bots.

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  1. Great ! I didn"t have some of your bots maps, thanks ! I've downloaded many skins but I don't have some of the ones in your video, how did you get it/ install it ?

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