WHAT HAPPENED? – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

What happened to custom games in Battlefield 1? Is there a need for more RSP options, or perhaps a Far Cry 5 style editor here? What does a 32 melee streak look like? Find out in this video! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching! Join my Discord: Connect with me:

39 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED? – Battlefield 1

  1. They definitely should make custom games as a weekly or monthly theme where you can earn special skins, medals, guns etc.

    This works really well in games like world of warships. It brings players back, it groups players together to fill matches.

  2. Back To Basics is the best thing !!! except the ottomans though they have that garbage weapon. Love that gamemode that is how BF1 should have been, mainly bolt-action weapons. Vanilla is a COD game….

  3. I haven't played brokenfield 1 since the ruskie dlc. rubber banding and lag on the pc just fucked the game and dice took to long to fix it, from what i hear its still broken. fuck buying battlefield 2018.

  4. I would love to see a game mode where each country would have to use only the weapons made in their country or actually used by their country. For example British would only use weapons made by them and Germans would only use weapons made by them etc. It would be kinda like standard issue but with shotguns, SMGs, and MGs also.

  5. Hardcore is way bigger on BF4 because it coencides more with Milsim, and BF4 being the most recent Modern War BF game, it has a larger population on Hardcore.

  6. First Westie, now Jackfrags on this issue… makes me hopeful that Battlefield 2018 will have a better emphasis on custom games, server browser, RSP, that sort of stuff…

  7. EA/Dice massively borked longtime custom server admins (like our group), by severely limiting controls. as a result, many BF-centric groups quickly lost interest in BF1 due to that lack of variety compounded with an already shallow/casual game. it seems that EA is only interested in launch-day sales, maybe a few months of microtransactions, & then the next title… not longevity, & not community/series retention. hope something changes & the trend is reversed quickly.

  8. I loved Hardcore in Bf4 for example but in BF1? they ruines it.. just because i want The game to be a bit more realistic doesnt mean that you habe make everything ultra realistic. For example not seeing your teammates results in a lot of tk and the nade spam is horribke

  9. I miss the Bf 2142 Titan battles, own the silos bring down the shield and either defend the silos or attack the enemy titan, destroy the 4 consoles to then destroy the titan core and try and escape in time… nothing like it.

  10. I’ve been hooked on custom servers for some time , not a massive fan of pure hardcore , but a lot of servers have copied ‘Turkish Army ‘ on PS4 which has elements of hardcore such as 200% bullet damage , 50% spawn relocation time , full HUD , double ticket and other stuff across most maps , though I haven’t seen the Russian maps recently (shame ) . I’m not bothered about dying more quickly ( that’s kind of realistic) but it feels so much more satisfying to get the kill with a single shot , and all weapons feel like they are very capable . It also means the ‘ Martini Henry ‘ does what it used to do when BF1 was a younger age , before it got nerfed and ruined . Some of us players are not that good at bring accurate consistently so the 200% bullet damage evens things up , good players still come out on top , but overall there’s definitely more satisfaction all round .
    Double tickets makes the average game last longer and when two teams are evenly matched it’s amazing .
    Thumbs up to custom games , they seem very popular on PS4

  11. BF1 completely destroyed Hardcore mode. All I enjoy to play is HC in BF3 and BF4. It was great. BF4 is still my go to game in the series. BF1 was just not really for me.

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