Why are INCURSIONS FAILING?! BIGGEST PROBLEM – Battlefield 1 Incursions Competitive News

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Incursions is Failing – Why is this happening? Why is Battlefield 1’s competitive game mode not successful, what causes the big problem? Today we’re taking a look at it, discussing all possibilites.



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►Battlefield 1 Game Discussions by Crafter is a series of videos focusing on the topics related to Battlefield 1 updates, game mechanics, new features or changes in the game. Videos are presenting my own opinion about the certain subject as well as information from other reliable sources.

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20 thoughts on “Why are INCURSIONS FAILING?! BIGGEST PROBLEM – Battlefield 1 Incursions Competitive News

  1. It fails because no one wanted it

    We wanted more naval focused map in Turning tides
    We wanted more weapons overrall
    We wanted An operation for apocalypse
    We wanted many bugs to be fixed in time
    We wanted a good denerf of the P.16 m1912 after ttk 2.0
    We wanted The legacy conquest to be re-included in BF1 (Thank you all scumbag which didn't want that, about 0.01% of bf community)
    We wanted a good vehicle balance (see zeebrugge, and dreadnought behemoth which can take damage from a tank gewehr)
    We wanted player customization (f*ck you devs which say "we couldn't" but you did that in incursions)

    Unfortunatly, it's a business tactic sigh

  2. Your voice is annoying and you repeat yourself way to much. Incursions is failing because the servers aren't separating players to servers that will give them their best latency. People on the east side of the us need to only play in US east servers. European players should only play on their servers and us west players should only play on us west servers. It's common sense and I cannot believe they messed up something that is so simple. Beta or not, be competent.

  3. Far too late of a release, odd mechanics and gadgets usage too different from base game. If bf is to have a serious competitive mode it needs to be designed and implemented from the inception of a new title.. if bf 2018 doesn't already have serious resources dedicated to a competitive mode it will be what incursions currently is.. An afterthought on all accounts.. Would rather rush 32 and 64 players return and have 15 player rush.. 3 squads of 5 become competitive or something similar to frontlines. Gadgets, class specific weapons, and class roles should not fundamentally differ in a competitive mode from the vanilla experience.. Idk WTF they were thinking.. How about fix the game before committing resources to giving the sniper shield a healing aura.. WTF is wrong with them.

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