Xbox One PUBG Getting Better! Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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42 thoughts on “Xbox One PUBG Getting Better! Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

  1. "Slight learning curve" laughed my arse off at that. I saw that first clip, and the incompetence of the aiming system was plain to see.

    This game will never be AAA and it isn't trying to be. To say this game is effectively half price is laughably disingeneuous to the point of just plain bullshit. This game is BARELY worth $30- No progression system, just over a dozen guns and only one map. Most free to play games have more content than PubG on console. They are taking their sweet time upgrading their development team despite the millions they have earned, too.

    Yeah, content is coming (eventually) but propping it to the same level of technical professionalism of games like battlefield or cod is rediculous.

    I heard somewhere that Player Unknown wants this to be a 10 year plan (de ja vu' anyone?). Well, I wouldnt be surprised if it took 10 years just to finish this game at the pace BH is going.

  2. It’s smoother yea, but still have issues with the textures loading in off the drop, sucks having to wait outside buildings for them to load in. But it’s not as common as it used to be.

  3. I've crashed twice since the patch, 3 times before the patch. Explain that to me…. Not to mention the input lag is still terrible, players still absorb bullets like pros, I still get 1 tapped on lvl 3 gear by ump and various other weapons, I still cant 1 shot head shot anyone with AWM which IS a 1 shot kill gun regardless of armor and bullet placement, the lack of recoil makes this feel more childish, like an arcade style game than anything but typical on Xbox because Xbox players are pussies.

    Join me on PC where you are forced to control actual recoil, where bullets actually hit, where armor does it's job, where the AWM 1 taps anyone regardless of armor and bullet placement(except legs and arms) and where input lag is well under control.

    Future of Xbox PUBG….. aim assist, no recoil, lag armor. Infuriating to say the least. I've been an Xbox gamer from the literal beginning. As games progressed the gaming community grew more excited for more realistic shooters. Here it is 17/18 years later and we have to have aim assist? No recoil? Pathetic.

    I play this shit on the One X. I lose to One S players because the large majority of them exploit game flaws. Shoot through walls, run through doors….. The Xbox community today is garbage.

    My point….. The game will get better, much better but the gaming community never will.

  4. You are getting a lot better. I remember when you didn't even take your pants off to teabag, such a newb move, now your MLG with no pants givin'em the tea! 10/10 im telling all my friends.

  5. So because we actually bought the preview does that mean we get the full game for free or does it mean when the preview hits a certain version it will just become the full game?

  6. I think it was my second or third game after the patch that I got my first solo chicken dinner. (I screamed so loud, you guys.) PUBG was a lot of fun on xbox but the patch made it much more playable. Like the video says, there are still problems. The bugs aren't completely gone, but there are way fewer. The mid-game pacing is pretty slow, but that's just how PUBG is. I personally really enjoy the buildup to that final 10.

  7. It’s really sad because ps4 is a way better console and could definitely handle it better. I had to buy an Xbox just to play pubg and seeing first hand how terrible of a console it is just makes me wish it would come out on ps4 already, so i can play it properly.

  8. The game has improved so much..but since the last update me and my squad have all had network lag detected more frequently…hopefully they iron that issue out

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